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Mar. 4th, 2012

BBB rant

So I was going to participate in Bandom Big Bang this year, I’ve done beta for it before and I’ve always been a huge advocate of it as a whole because it provides this amazing platform for smaller fandom pairings to get out there and be recognized.

Not only that but it;’s just a great experience and opportunity for amazing, unique fic and for writer’s to show their talent.

I am 7K into what I think is going to be a probably epic, hilarious Skippy (Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas) fic that involves Mike as a porn star with enormous talent (winkwink nudgenudge) - I made the logical assumption that because this was a pairing allowed in previous years, the rules would stand the same this year in spite of the new moderators.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that the Jonas Brothers aren’t considered a ‘band’ under the new mods undefined umbrella ‘bandom’ term.

I was obviously upset, because I had read the FAQ post, and the Mod Posts and the sign up rules post and I couldn’t find anywhere it was explicitly stated. (It was apparently in one of the FAQ comment threads, but it has been my experience that if a question or concern is raised in the FAQ comment threads the mods addend the FAQ post to reflect those clarifications. It’s only logical).

So I made a post to BBB!talk because I was concerned and upset, and my initial post came across as rude and disrespectful. Obviously it is never my intention generally to be rude or disrespectful. My discontent and concern outweighed my ability to impartially convey this however and so when I awoke this morning it was only to find two dozen responses all along the same exact thread.

I was being outright rude, disrespectful. I was behaving inappropriately, I was acting like an entitled child throwing a tantrum.

I tried to explain myself, I apologized publicly for the way my initial post sounded. I take accountability for when my meaning is misconstrued. That is on me. So I apologized.

The overwhelming response I got was that no one seemed to read my post. They focused instead on what I felt were valid concerns and instead of offering ideas or opinions as to why things were the way they were the commenters isntead took the opportunity to villainize me, bully me and continue calling me childish and entitled.

I am entitled to asking for a public moderator post defining their terminology. I am entitled to voicing my concern and discontent and you know something, nowhere did I ever name-call a single person. I implied that I believed the choice to exclude a single pairing based off reasoning that is frankly entirely vague and nonsensical - to be because it may have been distasteful. Sure! Not everyone likes the JoBros. Whatever.

But I wanted to know why and instead I got wank and I got bullied and frankly BBB you can suck my fucking dick if that is the kind of community you’re trying to foster.

I cannot imagine how anyone else would ever feel comfortable publicly voicing concern over something if the response they can expect to get from the community participants is outright malice, and insults.

I will however say that i have a great deal of respect for the moderators who handled my initial post with  great deal of aplomb and dignity and managed to mostly answer my questions. Though I still don’t believe their decision to exclude it makes any sort of sense.

#rant #pay no attention to this post Im jsut kind of ticked off

Aug. 9th, 2010

Warped Tour 2010

Vans warped Tour 2010; how many people went? I did. Here in Denver and it was incredible. I got to see a fuckton of seriously killer bands. (Breathe Electric and Breathe Carolina I got to see a bit from each because they were playing during coinciding times). Never Shout never, a little bit of Alesana, Mayday parade, The Rocket Summer as well as some of Hey Monday's set.

The two bands I actually went to Warped for?

AM Taxi and You Me at Six who are both motherfucking, face meltingly phenomenal. I mean...just seriously.

AM Taxi's live set was just...so incredible I want to like..take Adam Krier home and do obscene things to him. (Possibly I would just follow him back to his bus groupie style and do him even though they were all filthy and sweaty and utterly gorgeous).  P.S. JOHNNY WOULD YOU MARRY ME?!?

uhm..and You Me At Six is actually a band I'd only recently heard of. (Like a few weeks ago). They are UK emo/pop punk. And pretty much all great guys. (They did a lot of touring with We the Kings who were unfortunately not at the Denver dates of Warped which bummed me out seriously), I bought a bracelet from their merch tent from Max. (Who I think I may have amused a bit when I was all ' o=o you're wearing a knit cap in 90 degree weather...wtf HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?!?!?' but the dude went on their set in like..a sweatshirt so I'm guessing by the afternoon (when it thankfully dropped another ten degrees. 80 is much better kthnx) he was really cold? Or maybe he is an awesome mutant type British breed of handsome guy and the heat does not effect them as much?).

Except the rest of his band? All in short sleeves (or in Josh's case, a sleeveless tank top).

I really enjoyed how Josh kept inciting the crowd to surf and like..give the security a hard time, he really seemed to enjoy how excited we all were to see them. He also seemed really surprised at the number of people who'd heard of You Me At Six. (There were like..300 at the Altec lansing stage for them and of us? Only five people raised their hands when he asked who HADN'T heard of them).

it was a lot of fun, I met a ton of super nice people, and made a couple of friends at the YMA6 set (they're doing another tour THIS SPRING so I'm going with some of the friends I made).

I'm looking forward to it, right now though I am massively sunburnt and really sore and tired and I've been resting and recovering all day today.

Aug. 5th, 2010

Aaah! The woobie cute!


He grew up into such a handsome young man...wow....

Also; the song is incredible. i can't wait for his album to come out. I will definitely be buying it. (To add to the unashamedly expansive collection of Archie songs on my mp3 player).


'Something 'bout Love' David Archuleta

Aug. 2nd, 2010

Bronchitis, fic and fandom

I feel like I've been sick for ages and ages now. I've basically been living at my mom's house this summer (after she moved in with her boyfriend and left me my gorgeous house and everything, ugh!), because well...our vehicles broke down and so we're sharing one car and it's just easier for me (with no job, yay unemployed. >:\) to stay here than up at my house.

Anyway! I have somehow managed to get bronchitis when it hasn't dropped below 80 degrees in a month. My Crummy Immune System: 0 Sickness: 1

Fuck life!

So I've been absorbed in fandom. I'm somehow managing to finish an epic Cookleta space opera fic that I've been working on for like..ages and ages now. (And emailing Jay like crazy and I'm pretty sure she thinks I am crazy which isn't far from the truth!) and being sick! And writing not!story and harassing old fandom friends on AIM and generally being crazy and stuff. (I wonder how many times I can post that I'm crazy before someone calls the men in white coats to take me away).

For the record? I've had bronchitis for something like two weeks now, which means that i've entered into bronchial pneumonia territory. I'm already on the respiratory meds for it though so hopefully it won;t knock me on my ass like the last time I got it. (Uhm last December/January, so's you all know. My immune system= worse than Frank Iero's no fucking lie).

So! Fic and fandom have been my one true loves; and this weekend I am torn between going camping for four days, or going to Warped Tour and stalking AM Taxi and the skull candy stage like I've been telling them I will. Because I'm a crazy fannish stalker.

Also; my friend Lisa is trying to convince me to post some of my original acoustic songs on youtube. So you can all laugh at me. (Uhm, guys, I'm in a punk band; please note the PUNK portion of that statement. being lead vocals in a punk band does not necessitate me actually having a great voice. We are not all five star singers).

I'm not TERRIBLE. But I'm not like..jaw droppingly amazing either. I have a pretty decent tenor and a fairly comofrtable alto; and the two years I spent in a capella singing high soprano means my range is fairly decent but still...I'd have to record all of the songs while sick  or something (Lisa is persuasive okay) and then post them...

Maybe I could do some like..dramatic black and white video feed thing? That'd be pretty sweet...

oh well who knows...


This is...this is like...not!story that I might eventually one day write? Maybe...I don't know. It was done over the course of like...3 IM sessions on AIM and like...a  bit of email so basically it's like..IM font and shit like that go figure it's sad and scary. (I was impressed. It's 20 pages and its just like...not!story) lmao.

Anyways! it's totally called 'Love in the Meter of Post it Notes' because I am a freak; and i figure it would be interactive! Like..parts of it would be entirely in post it format? And maybe like on napkins and there'd be like...postcards and stuff and then other sections would be like normal 3rd person POV and then there'd be email sections? Like...like with Nick talking with his mom Allete or Gee talking with his sister Mer and just..yeah...I am a total freak.

Love in the Meter of Post it NotesCollapse )

Jul. 6th, 2010


( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Jun. 20th, 2010


Yay! Finished 2 days of work, today is my first day off and I hurt EVERYWHERE but it's totally awesome and stuff.

I am baking an apple pie for father's day for my mom's boyfriend because the dude is a rockstar. Also; attempting to get in contact with my boyfriend whom I haven't spoken to for a little over a week. (since he officially got back stateside from Afghanistan).

He's being kind of a tool and I'm not sure why. So I texted him, (even though technically I didn't really have like 'permission' to do it. Whatever, he's my boyfriend I'm allowed to text him).

Listening to MCR and FOB while baking equals awesome tunes and a great way to distract me from staring in paranoia at my cellphone. (Which is sitting on the counter fifteen feet from me to keep me from compulsively checking to see if the boyfriend has responded to my text).

Boys are dumb.

Working on kinkbingo today, I'm shooting for a blackout, but so far I've only finished a line. Which hey! Is still pretty damn good! I might just post it to kinkbingo and keep working towards a blackout for myself or something. (Although some of the prompts will take some finagling on my part because I have no idea how I will write 'caning' as a prompt...well..actually!!!)

In any case, I'm waiting for my mom to get back from the store, they forgot to purchase shortening so I can't make the pie crust yet. \

On a side note; I have been STALKING THE PATRICK STUMP WEBSITE AND GOOD FREAKING LORD HI THERE!!!. Fall Out Boy was the first concert I ever went to. (If you can call it a concert...this was fucking YEARS AGO...like I think I was a freshman in high school the first time I saw them and that was in 2004).

So yeah...new!Patrick is adorable..but I miss his sideburns....I had some serious, sexual fantasies about those sideburns. Oh well..it's still Patrick Stump (that is so fun to say guys...)

Anyways; more to come later today!

Jun. 17th, 2010


Dear Fandom;

Please don't ever, ever change. You have inspired me, held me close while I cried. Fostered in me a deep and abiding love for literature. Brought me writers for whom I have stalked since I was thirteen, and taught me just how good being righteously angry is like.

You have also taught me that I have no patience for intolerance or wank, something that follows me into my real, mundane life and makes me burst into fucking laughter at two in the morning when I get sucked into reading up on wank in fandoms I have no part in. (Dude seriously guys; I might not have you friended on DW but I do on LJ and I may only have been on DW for less than a week but that does not in any way diminish my amazing internet stalking skillz.

It is sad and pathetic and I love you fandom.

On a side note; I'm totes doing kinkbingo! I got my card and everything and I will totally be posting fic tomorrow after I have had sleep to rid myself of WANK on the brain.

P.S. I will warn you all now, my bingo card is going to be full of AI and Bandom because IT HAS EATEN MY MOTHERFUCKING BRAIN.

P.P.S. Peanut butter cookies are just as tasty at 2 AM as they are fresh out of the oven. I blame being tired on this...or possibly I am just an amazing baker.

P.P.P.S. I am saying it's because I'm an amazing baker.

P.P.P.P.S. I am in love with my tags list right now...and DW.



Also; clearly I am not the only crazy insomniac in existence at this exact moment in time. My request for an invite to AOW was granted! I officially have an account for to be posting things onto. Bwahahaha!

This is so bad for me guys...for real.

Stalk Mighty on Archive of Our Own!!!

Jun. 16th, 2010

Dear AOW

How the bloody fuck do I register for you?

Also; what the fuck is an open ID?

EDIT: Nevermind; had to reload the home page. yay for being in queue!!!!!!!

Another baking update

Peanut butter cookies; you taste so fucking good but creaming you is a bitch and a half.

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